yeshivat hazon hayim

This site, which was established by including the " yeshivat hazon hayim", in order to distribute and publish on the subject Hhaznot component, so here gave everyone the option, download sections musician without limitation,
Interested in helping this sacred work and reinforce and strengthen the overall important
To increase Olhadira Torah, . D: 27322 Zip: 91272 Jerusalem
Otshao blessing from hasem .

Including details about the " yeshivat hazon hayim"
Was established 12 years ago and Abrcim order, found in Jerusalem fled 'sophistry, activities varied Bgm"h Tefillin, Gm"h Move, Gmh "cradle larger, distribution and study the Torah Hhaznot,
Learning and strengthening youth Torah various rates,
Especially the increase Olhadira Torah, are all actions to put an artist.