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Albums organization site, led by Cantor Rabbi Moshe Gavra: http://www.hazanim.org/ welcomes everyone Wishing you a healthy summer, we continue the enrollment of cantors site for the High Holy Days Tsha"g which we will be blessed, as well as extensive in sending cantors for Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel, etc., Shabbat Chatan, events in the various hotels in the country, and joy, those interested cantors quality given to do so on
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Home - Cantors: Cantors in a list you can see details about each cantor and to contact him by phone or e-mail.
Library of poetry and poetry: these pages Cantors and poets will be able to distribute their fruit in public, and Gd's help would be emboldened to add to get under their CDs of poetry and song.
Editors holy matrimony: or are named - "holy matrimony orders", wedding rabbis, cantors displayed on this page and Fitnim who are willing and capable to make wedding ceremonies plus tone and singing and poetry.
Religious Articles: give expression to authors of books to distribute the fruits of Etam.
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