rabi moshe gavra from The Organization of Israeli Cantors

About: The ‘hazanim.org.’ website was instituted by members of the non-profit organization “Chazon Chayim”. The theme of the site is “Hearken to my joyfulness – listen to my prayer” as is written by King David in the Book of Psalms, and as King Solomon prayed – “To listen to the joy and to the prayer”, and as our Sages of blessed memory have taught us – ‘Where there is joy, in such a place there shall be prayer’. We are commanded to honor Hashem with the talents he has endowed us with, as is written ‘Honor Hashem from your wealth’ and CHAZAL interpreted - from all he has graced upon you and they also interpreted ‘from your throat’. Through prayer and piyutim sung with a pleasant voice, we merit to thank, praise and glorify Hashem, blessed be He, in all of our way

rabi moshe gavra - in chopa and Kiddushin